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In celebration of the famous fashion house’s 160 anniversary, Louis Vuitton enlisted creative visionaries Karl Lagerfeld, architect Frank Gehry, photographer/director Cindy Sherman, industrial designer Marc Newson, Christian Louboutin and Comme des Garçons founder Rei Kawakubo to reinterpret the iconic LV monogram with a collection of accessories. Representing a range of disciplines, the iconoclasts were given the creative freedom to produce a personally inspired bag or piece of luggage.

A new editorial released by Harper’s Bazaar and shot by Lagerfeld himself showcases the collection in full. It includes a few unexpected contemporary pieces, such as Kawakubo’s ripped tote as well as Lagerfeld’s punching bag and accompanying case. Other designers presented pieces that were more in line with Louis Vuitton’s travel heritage, such as the backpack by Hewson or Louboutin’s shoe caddy.

These limited edition pieces will be available at select Louis Vuitton stores around the world beginning mid-October.

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Bien sûr je te ferai mal. Bien sûr tu me feras mal. 

Bien sûr nous aurons mal.
Mais ça, c’est la condition de l’existence.
Se faire printemps, c’est prendre le risque de l’hiver.
Se faire présent, c’est prendre le risque de l’absence…
C’est à mon risque de peine que je connais ma joie….”


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